Frequently asked questions:


1. At what fairs do you exhibit? At what fair is it possible to visit your both?

We provide an overview for our clients showing the fairs where we will exhibit. A "link" to the fairs-calendar you can find in the menu to the right below "fair-schedule". This schedule is actualized frequently for that the clients can see at what fairs we will exhibit The both- and hall-nubers we add all the time to that schedule as soon as we get that info from the organizers

2. Do you have special prices for re-sellers, whole-salers or business-clients?

We offer our re-sellers, wholesalers and other business-clients the possibility to order items via the password-protected "business-area".

3. How do I get a log-in and a password for the protected area?

To get a log-in and a password please send us a copy of your "registration of a business" or your VALID european tax-no. (Partita-IVA / TVA) by mail, fax (to +49-9547-7388) or e-mail (to: info@fantasy-fashion.com) - you´ll get the data for logging-in as fast as possible

4. Is there a minimum-quantity when ordering from the "business-area"?

For items which are sold by strands the minimum-quantity is 3 strands per item (per color, per size & per shape) respectively avalue of at least 50,-Euro

5. What payment methods do you accept?

For new clients we accept "payment in advance" or in concern of new clients from within Germany "Versand per Nachnahme" - when ordering the 3rd time we offer to our clients from Germany also "debit advise" or "payment due within 10 days starting from invoice-date" - for our clients from coutries within EZ as well as Switzerland we also offer "paymnet due within 14 days starting from invoice date" as the times for delivering to those countries vary - at our both at the fairs you can pay by EC-card or credit card

6. Is there a minimum order value?

Yes. The minimum order value is 50,-Euro

7. How fast do you ship?

In case that all ordered items are available in stock we try to ship out within 48 hours, but as we have many orders to process we ask you for understanding that sometimes it also might take one or two days more - in case that ordered items aren´t available in stock, we will contact you as fast as possible to clarify if the items not available shall be produced for you or not and if you´re willing to accept partial delieveries

8. How long does it take to recive an article that has to be produced?

In general it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to produce and deliver such items but the production-period also is related to material, season (time of the year) e.g. in what concerns seeds, and grade of difficulty to produce an item

9. Do you ship internationally?

We ship world-wide - no matter if it´s to Finnland, South-Africa, Australia Japan or the USA - delivery-times and possibilities to ship the goods are discussed all the time with the client

10. How do you calculate your shipping-costs?

Costs for shipping are calculated in relation to the weight of the ordered goods. We all the time try to choose the cheapest insured shipping-way for our client that also the delivery-time is kept as short as possible. Especially in what concerns the delivery-times and costs to EU-countries there are big variations in what concerns prices and delivery-times of the different logistics-services - for express-deliveries, e.g. overnight and arrrival of the goods at 10:00h at the client´s office, we proceed the same way - only exeption is that we all the time we clarify together with the client the price and possibilies for such deliveries and we only ship out in after having received the "OK" of the client For further questions you can send us e-mails to: info@fantasy-fashion.com  

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